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Presenting researched background stories of human motivations!


The compass is out of line. The red needle point, should be on North.  I read accounts people have written, taken from the Bible stories, and they have not understood the social connections, that explain why a person did what they really did. They are sometimes going in the wrong direction.


It is Jim's belief is that when the Holy Spirit leads an inspired writer to record someone’s name in the Bible, there is a story of courage and tenacity; or infamy and duplicity that we can learn from.


Here are references to people barely mentioned, their genealogy and many fun facts you may not have known. These were real people facing the same challenges you make every day.

For the sake of helping you keep track of relationships, he has presented each person in chronological order, as far as is possible.


He had to go beyond the pages of scripture, to find some information about these people, but has done so cautiously, giving due consideration to the source from which his information was derived.


 Jim has published three books. You can examine them in his Amazon Author page, when you click the Amazon link page.


Enjoy, and come back for a new story each month.