New Books Released 2014

When the Spirit Moves: Learning to Follow When God Speaks


      Where do you go after you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

'When the Spirit Moves' takes the confusion out of how to be filled with the Spirit and how to learn to hear and obey the Voice of God as you walk in life's marketplace as a follower of Jesus.

     Rev. Jim Cole-Rous has taught and shared these simple truths for over 40 years, and continues to share this teaching with Christians.


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Rowena -The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit


     This is a story of a girl with tremendous courage, high principles, and strong force of will. Here is the story of this courageous Children's Evangelist of the Christian Gospel.

     After nearly a half century of productive ministry, because of her physical disabilities, she asked the Lord one day, whether she should retire. In her devotions that day she clearly heard the Lord tell her that she should continue to occupy till he comes. She did not know if His coming was for all, or just for her, but she was satisfied to keep going, no matter what. She just wouldn’t quit!

     This book was released for publication on May 9th 2014, the anniversary of what would have been Rowena's 80th birthday, honoring a lady whose memory is dear to the hearts of thousands of people whose lives she touched for good.


Now in Paperback and Kindle e-book


God's Honorable Mentions


     Ruth followed her mother-in-law Naomi to Bethlehem, but what happened to Orpah the daughter-in-law who turned back? Why was the mother of Rufus, in Romans 16, like a mother to the Apostle Paul? Who was the "other Mary" mentioned in Matthew 28?

     In his book, God's Honorable Mentions, Jim Cole-Rous asks questions that, when answered, bring color and intrigue to the stories of over 50 minor players in scripture. Who were they? Why did they do what they did? Through careful study and in-depth research, Cole-Rous shares "the rest of the story."
     This book is a must-read, a must-have resource that needs to be included in the library of every serious student of the Bible.
Now in Paperback and Kindle e-book